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Striking patterns and colours that reflect our diverse Australian landscape are hallmarks of my designs. You’ll see both warm and cool hues in rich natural tones among my nature-inspired palette to evoke a sense of the rainforest, ocean, coastal sands or red outback. My designs also capture natural shapes, textures and movement. Some are inspired by traditional Indigenous patterns in weaving or tapestry.

We collaborate with architects and interior designers in government and public sectors and private industry and businesses to develop Design Boards across a range of fabrics for interiors and furnishing. We know the unique needs for commercial interiors and can offer good insights for durable, sustainable, waterproof or flame-resistant textiles in complementary prints.

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Helena Geiger designs & supplies original graphic textiles for a range of art, furnishings & fashion. We aim to provide high-quality fabrics and textiles that inspire creativity and elevate your projects. Before you explore our offerings, please take a moment to read our Terms, Conditions & Disclaimer.

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Salt Lake New

This design is inspired by the many salt lakes located throughout our country. 

The beauty of the patterns and textures reflected in the cracked and creviced surfaces create a visual image that spans the horizon.

Pattern Repeat: 70cm Horizontal, 65cm Vertical

Waterhole New

Waterholes swirl and overflow with fresh water in the wet season, creating an oasis of life for our native flora, birds and animals.

Pattern Repeat: 53cm Horizontal, 26.5 Vertical

Terrain New

Terrain Woodlands

Terrain Savanna

Terrain Grasslands


 “Weaving Stories”

Woven vessels, baskets, mats & fish traps. Embodied with culture, stories, ceremony and history.

Pattern repeat: approx 20cm Horizontal, 20cm Vertical.


“Leave only footprints”

Inspired by the Coastal Shores of the Coorong, sweeping sand dunes, spinifex and saltwater rock pools.

Pattern Repeat: 46.7cm Horizontal, 17cm Vertical


Pattern repeat: v -19.5cm, h – 28cm. 

Dotty Galaxy

Dotty Zodiac


Gecko celebrates our diverse wildlife and their habitats

Pattern repeat: v -32.4cm, h – 26.4cm.

Gecko Bush Plum New Colour 
Gecko Shadow New Colour
Gecko Olive 
Gecko Night 
Gecko Fern


“A natural sacred Reserve”

Inspired by the stunning rock formations of Karlu in the Northern Territory.

Pattern repeat: v – 15cm, h – 23.5cm. 

Karlu Desert
Karlu Sand
 Karlu Red Earth
Karlu Ochre
  Karlu Saltbush
Karlu  Spinifex
Karlu Jade
Karlu Opal
Karlu Rockpool
Karlu Rain
Karlu Lapiz
Karlu Bluestone
Karlu Shadow

Karlu Smoke
Karlu Silver
Karlu Clay


“Awash with textural stripes”

A story of waterfalls cascading into the deep pools of water below

Pattern repeat: v – 16cm, h – 17.5cm.

Sand Dunes


Fine lines intricately balanced and intertwined, reminiscent of windswept sand dunes accross the desert and coastal landscape.

Pattern repeat: v – 32cm, h – 20cm

Sand Dunes Sapphire

Sand Dunes Coral

Sand Dunes Saltbush

Sand Dunes Rockpool

Sand Dunes Shadow

Sand Dunes Desert

Sand Dunes Jade

Sand Dunes Red Earth


“Painted cliffs”

Rich red cliffs, white sands, coloured ochres and sunsets.

Pattern repeat: v – 40cm, h – 45cm.


As the sun shines through the branches, forming the canopy of the rainforest, the crisp cool shadows below create a sanctuary for local wildlife.

Pattern repeat: v – 18.8cm, h – 12.8cm.


With the textured look of batik, Safari evokes images of a red cracked dusty landscape.

Pattern repeat: v – 6cm, h – 8.75cm.

Safari Charcoal
Safari Terracotta
Safari Mist New Colour
Safari Rain New Colour
Safari Pine New Colour


The textured layering in this design is balanced with dots and shapes formed within the ancient landscape.

Pattern repeat: v – 37cm, h – 23.3cm.

Sandhills Charcoal

Sandhills Ochre

Sandhills Terracotta

Sandhills Burnt Orange

Sandhills Mist New Colour

Sandhills Rain New Colour

Sandhills Pine New Colour


Tapa’s narrative represents traditional textiles, Tapa cloth, Batik, Tapestry, Shibori and the ancient processes of harvesting plants used for dyeing yarns and cloth.

Pattern repeat: v – 14cm, h – 9.5cm.

Tapa Seagrass

Tapa Emerald

Tapa Warlu

Tapa Ocean

Tapa Saltbush

Tapa Ash

Tapa Charcoal

Tapa Rockpool

Tiger Eye

A semi-precious stone formed over millions of years, Tiger Eye served as an inspiration for this design.

Pattern repeat: v – 18.5cm, h – 22.5cm.


“Recurring patterns in our natural World”

Shapes of nature, reflections of sunlight on water, dry cracked riverbeds, a spider’s web.

Pattern repeat: v – 13cm, h – 46cm.

 Warrego Snow Gum

Warrego Sandstone

Warrego Silver Oak

Warrego Mist

Warrego Saltbush

Warrego Spinifex

Warrego Mossy

Warrego Ivy

Warrego Red Earth

Warrego Ochre

Warrego Desert

Warrego Sand

Warrego Bark

Warrego Twig

Warrego Night

Warrego Frost

Warrego Shadow

Warrego Smoke

Warrego Rockpool

Warrego Rain

Warrego Jade

Warrego Opal


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